21 Day Meditation Challenge with a Focus on Abundance

by Cherie Miranda on November 4, 2012

The Chopra Center is offering another free 21 Day Meditation Challenge beginning November 5, 2012.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginner, this is an excellent opportunity to receive daily guided meditations from a living master, Deepak Chopra (who also happens to be one of my personal mentors!).

It’s free to participate, and this time around Deepak is focusing on creating abundance. Every day for 21 days, Dr. Chopra will lead you through a guided meditation that’s focused on creating more abundance in your life. Whatever it is you’re looking to attract, whether it be love, money, health, consciousness, spiritual evolution, a new job, a successful business, or anything else, the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is a great tool to help you get what you want.

I’ve had readers put off by the term “challenge” as it relates to meditation. Please, don’t look at this as some sort of competition. The challenge is with yourself. If you don’t challenge yourself to achieve any goal, what are the chances you will attain the desired outcome? Exactly…not good. So, challenge yourself to meditate with Deepak every day for 21 days. You’ll be glad you did. And remember the cost? That’s right – nothing but a bit of your time. What have you got to lose?

To sign up for the challenge, simply click here: 21 Day Meditation Challenge. But hurry, the challenge begins tomorrow!

Enjoy, and happy meditating!


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